When the machine arrives from Flexo Wahs it is important to check for damage during travel right away otherwise you will not be able to claim it. Then you unbox the unit and make sure it is perfectly level on all angles when you have placed your unit and attach the conveyer belt, which needs to be level as well – remember to always use the appropriate equipment.

Then you connect the electricity, place the sponges and then you connect the hoses for water and liquids – depending on what system you have chosen there are different possibilities all which you can learn about in the video or read about in the manual.

  1. Check the unit for damage during travel
  2. Place the unit - make sure it is level
  3. Attach the conveyor belt - make sure it is level
  4. Connect the electricity
  5. Place the sponges
  6. Connect hoses for water and liquids (Take into consideration which model you have)

This guide is valid for any FW plate cleaner model.



Do you have liquids for your FW plate cleaner?

To maintain high productivity and consistent print quality, you need safe cleaning and avoid broken plates. We are experts in ensuring you the best possible cleaning result with a combination of advanced cleaning equipment and cleaning liquids.

The Flexo Wash cleaning liquids for plates are all designed to clean different types of printing plates: Photopolymer, HD plates, letterpress and laser engraved plates. Flexo Wash liquids have been tested by leading plate suppliers and approved our cleaning solutions to ensure the cleaning liquid and equipment do not damage and tear plates in any way.

Flexo Wash can clean

  • UV-based inks
  • Solvent based inks
  • Water based inks

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