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11. - 14. September

Labelexpo Europe 2023

Visit our stand at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, Belgium - 11th to 14th of September. 

Hall 7, Stand B25




Meet our experts and watch our cleaning equipment in action. We have gathered a great selection of our Narrow Web machines that you can benefit from in your production. Click below and see which solutions we have on display at our stand.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Labelexpo Europe 2023!


If the anilox roll is the heart of the flexo printing process and critical to maintaining a well-run operation, proper cleaning, along with care and maintenance of your anilox inventory is essential to your business. The absence of good cleaning practices will always lead to inconsistent print results and increased downtime.

The FW 993 XL.NXT, FW 850 Laser and FW Handy Mini 2 with recirculation system will be displayed at our stand in hall 7, stand B25 for you to see the equipment first-hand - read more about the units below.

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With the .NXT units we presents a new generation of liquid anilox cleaning systems.

All are produced with the .NXT features wich mean easier handling, improved technology & focus on substainable solutions.

Anilox Cleaning Laser close up

FW 850-2 Laser

The FW Laser Anilox Cleaners are developed with newest laser technology and software systems. It is a waste-free and substainable cleaning method with no liquid handling or consumption.


FW Handy Mini 2 with Recirculation Unit

By adding a Recirculation unit to your FW Anilox Cleaner you are ensured high-quality cleaning with reused water. By reusing the rinse water, you can reduce water consumption significantly.

The unit is fully automatic and environmentally friendly.


The Parts Washers can all be customized according to your specific needs. In the standard machines, the various press parts are placed on a grid and cleaned nozzles spray from underneath and above. To improve operation, the washing machine can be made with customized racks for chambers, buckets, ink trays etc. along with various high-performance nozzles.

The PK ECO Maxi, PK 200 TopLoad and PK Midi with Filtration unit will be displayed at our stand in hall 7, stand B25 for you to see the equipment first-hand - read more about the units below.

PK TopLoad - Parts Washing_optimized

PK 200 TopLoad

If you need to require a larger wash area the PK ECO can provide, a PK TopLoad is your top choice. The stainless-steel units also come with a custom-built wash area solution.

The PK TopLoad comes either with a fixed or slide-in grid.

PK ECO Midi_optimized


Our cost-efficient PK ECO models have been developed to serve a broad part of the industry. The PK ECO-product line is fully automatic units designed to clean all kinds of parts.

The machines are controlled by a microprocessor, where it is easy to set the different programs such as wash time.

PK ECO with Filtration_edited

PK ECO Midi with Filtration Unit

With the Filtration unit connected to the PK ECO Midi a sustainable loop is created with the goal to prolong the lifetime of the cleaning liquid significantly. The solution is designed to separate ink residues from the cleaning liquid, thus making it possible to reuse the liquid and prolong its lifetime. 

The process of the Filtration unit will furthermore reduce the amount of liquid waste to a minimum and halve the cost of removing ink waste. 


Damaged plates due to improper cleaning is an expensive and critical factor in the printing industry. Cleaning plates properly and in a gentle and safe way is essential. With unclean or broken plates you will have quality issues with your print. 

 The PW 62 Plate Washer will be displayed at our stand in hall 7, stand B25 for you to see the equipment first-hand - read more about this unit below.

Plate Washing PW82

PW 62 Plate Washer

After the print job, all plates are placed on the conveyor belt, which automatically takes them through the entire wash process.

Using the eco-friendly cleaning liquids from Flexo Wash, the plate washers are specially developed to efficiently remove the different types of inks from the plates in only a few minutes


Cleaning in a Flexo Wash screen washer results in reduced downtime, consistent print quality and safe and healthy cleaning and working environment. The delicate cylinder screens can be difficult to handle properly in an environment where time is money. Therefore, with a cleaning unit broken screens is very unlikely to happen. Whit unclean or broken plates you will have quality issues with your print. 

At our stand in Hall 7 stand B25 the PK 92-1 Screen Washer will be displayed for you to see the equipment first-hand.

PK Screen Washing_PK92-1

PK 92-1 Rotary Screen Washer

The PK 92-series requires only 30L of cleaning solution which is circulated by means of an air-powered diaphragm pump. The liquid is filtered and recirculated in a closed-circuit system without any waste to the environment.


Flexo Wash offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for different ink types and applications - we support with both liquids for automatic and manual cleaning of both aniloxes, press parts, plates, sleeves and cylinders. 

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Choosing the right solutions

At Flexo Wash, we offer the total cleaning solution where liquids play a very significant role to ensure the best possible cleaning results. Through many years we have developed and improved all types of cleaning liquids to clean all types of inks.

Automatic equipment is only as good as the liquid - which is why we do not compromise the quality, durability and sustainability of our cleaning liquids.

If you want to learn more before meeting us at the exhibition you can see read more about our different cleaning liquids on our website.

Download our brochure below for even more information about our solutions and visit us in Hall 7, Stand B25
We are looking forward to seeing you at Labelexpo Europe 2023!
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