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Flexo Wash offers innovative and high-quality cleaning solutions to satisfy individual needs of printers worldwide. Through our solutions we ensure you consistent print quality and high productivity with focus on safe working conditions and sustainability. With 30 years of developing innovative cleaning technology, we cover all types of cleaning machines for both solvent and non-solvent cleaning liquids – and latest also laser cleaning units as a waste free alternative.

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Flexo Wash - Film Cleaner

Plastic film is widely used in various industrial applications and has become a significant environmental concern due to its contribution to plastic pollution. At Flexo Wash, we understand the printing industry's struggle of having dirty printed film and having to get rid of it.

Flexo Wash did the 30th of April showcase our newest solution during a live product launch of our Film Cleaner. Our mission with this Film Cleaner is to extend the lifespan of printing film, reducing waste, cost savings, and environmental impact.


Clean is clean - you decide how!

We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions for the flexographic and converting printing industry. We usually say that clean is clean - it is up to you to decide how. However, we would like to guide you on your journey towards higher print quality.


Sustainable cleaning liquids

The Flexo Wash cleaning liquids are of high durability and formulated for easy handling, trouble-free operation, and long service intervals. This makes sustainable cleaning liquids an affordable alternative to solvents, thus providing a safer cleaning of press parts and a cleaner environment.
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Global service network

We provide global services for all our customers with trained engineers worldwide. We also offer virtual installations and trouble shooting from our service department in Denmark. 

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We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions for the flexographic and converting printing industry. Download our brochures and product catalog to learn more about our products, and how they can make a difference for you and your company. 
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