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Low impact on the environment

Would you like to know more about our environmental solutions? We will guide you through different options of environmental actions that can make a difference in a company's profit.

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The Flexo Wash Way

At Flexo Wash, it is important for us to contribute to a greener printing industry without compromising cleaning quality. Our products are designed for optimal reuse, better drainage, and reduced water and cleaning liquid consumption—a commitment embedded in our machines, embodying the "Flexo Wash way."

Sustainability is a part of our product design and corporate values. We've committed to minimize the environmental impact as part of our new mission. One of the significant steps we've taken towards this commitment is the development of our filtration unit and recirculation unit. In addition to our filtration and recirculation units, our sustainability extends to the liquids we provide.


Elevate your sustainability to new heights

With our environmental solutions, you can improve the sustainability of your Flexo Wash unit even more. With the Filtration unit, you can extend the lifetime of the cleaning liquid and reduce ink waste disposal costs, while the Recirculation unit minimizes water consumption without compromising quality. These additions make your operations even greener and more sustainable.

Extend the lifetime of liquids

"It is designed to separate ink residues from the cleaning liquid, thus making it possible to reuse the liquid and prolong its lifetime"


The Filtration system is designed to separate ink residues from the cleaning liquid, thus making it possible to reuse the liquid and prolong its lifetime.

Depending on your individual needs, we will guide you in choosing the right solution for you.

The system can be used with the following units:

Small Parts Washers (PK ECO-series)

PK Eco Maxi

PK ECO Maxi with Filtration Unit


Reduce water consumption even more

"You reduce your water consumption which saves you both money and is better for the environment


The Recirculation system is designed for reuse of the rinse water in a closed loop system. The system is controlled by several sensors continuously measuring the pH values and liquid levels. The process runs independent of the washing unit.

The process of the Recirculation unit will ensure that the rinse water can be reused in the FW cleaning unit, reducing the amount of wastewater to a minimum. In this way you will still have a high-quality cleaning.

The system can be used with the following units:

Anilox Liquid Cleaners

FW Gravure Cylinder Cleaners

Sleeve Washers

Handy and recirculation 1FW Handy midi 2x2 with Recirculation Unit

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