Low impact on the environment

Sustainability has always been a part of the Flexo Wash way of designing our products and we are committed to ensure that our products would have a low impact on the environment.

Environmental solutions

All our products are continuously optimized to ensure better reuse and less consumption of both water and cleaning liquid.

Our new .NXT anilox cleaners are developed with special focus on higher degree of reuse of liquid - and with our new LASER units you can achieve a total waste-free solution.

In addition to built-in upgrades, we have a line of environmental solutions which can be combined with the different Flexo Wash cleaning units to reduce the water and/or liquid consumption.

For re-use of liquid our Filtration unit and Sedimentation tank will prolong the lifetime of the liquid - and for reuse of water the Recirculation unit will reduce water consumption.


Recirculation Unit

The Recirculation unit ensures high-quality cleaning with reused water. By reusing the rinse water, you can reduce water consumption significantly.

The unit is fully automatic and environmentally friendly.

The system can be used with the following units:


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