At Flexo Wash, we are committed to providing you with top-notch cleaning solutions while also taking responsibility for the environment. Therefore, we would like to share five solid reasons why considering a shift from solvent-based liquids to alternative cleaning liquids could be advantageous for your business.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning 🌱 

  1. Reduced Environmental Impact: Alternative cleaning liquids have a reduced environmental impact, embodying a commitment to sustainable business practices. By minimizing or eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs), these cleaning alternatives play an important role in reducing air pollution and modifying the release of harmful chemicals into the ecosystem.
  2. Improved Workplace Safety: The use of alternative cleaning liquids takes a proactive stance on employee well-being. By avoiding hazardous chemicals, these solutions enhance workplace safety, minimizing the risk of exposure-related health issues for your workforce. A safer working environment not only boosts employee morale but also contributes to increased productivity.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: Alternative cleaning liquids align seamlessly with global environmental regulations. By making this switch, your business ensures agreement with emissions limits, reducing the likelihood of regulatory issues. This commitment to respect not only safeguards your operations but also positions your company as a responsible player in your industry.
  4. Cost-Effective: While the upfront costs of alternativ cleaning liquids might appear slightly higher, the long-term financial benefits are substantial. The reduction in waste disposal costs, combined with improved equipment maintenance resulting from the use of these solutions, contributes to a financially efficient and sustainable operational model.
  5. Innovative Sustainability Leadership: Making the switch to alternative cleaning liquids goes beyond standard operational changes—it positions your business as an innovative leader in sustainable practices. Embracing environmentally aware solutions reflects positively on your brand image, resonating with consumers who prioritize companies committed to reducing their ecological impact.

Our alternative cleaning liquids are designed to be just as effective as solvent-based but with significantly less impact on the environment. Consider taking the first step by switching to alternative cleaning liquids and making a difference for both you and your bottom line. Alternative cleaning liquids offer a sustainable and safer liquid for maintaining cleanliness in the printing industry. They align with environmental goals, promote worker safety, and help businesses comply with regulations while effectively cleaning printing equipment and surfaces.

Contact us today to explore options for implementing our alternative cleaning liquids into your production process or read more about our alternative liquids.