Anilox sleeve cleaning in one unit

Flexo Wash offers a variety of equipment for cleaning of sleeves of all dimensions and types. The sleeve washers will clean all types of rubber sleeves, laser-engraved print sleeves, plates mounted on sleeves etc.

Flexo Wash Sleeve Washer

Gentle & efficient anilox sleeve cleaning

The unique technology combines the use of cleaning liquid, brushes, high-pressure water, and compressed air to ensure a gentle and efficient cleaning of the sleeve, including anilox sleeve cleaning.

All Flexo Wash sleeve cleaner are adjustable, which makes it possible to wash sleeves of various lengths. Rubber coated cones make it possible to wash various sleeve diameters in the same unit. The rubber cones ensure that liquid does not enter the inside of the sleeves.

All units are designed to clean all types of print sleeves cleaner and all types of inks. The eco-friendly cleaning liquids from Flexo Wash are specially developed to efficiently remove the different types of inks from the sleeves in only a few minutes.

For an even more sustainable solution, you can combine all sleeve washing units with our Recirculation system to reduce your water consumption, including anilox sleeve cleaning.

Flexo Wash supplies two types of washing units for sleeves:

  • Single sleeve washing
  • Multiple sleeve washing

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SL 2000-2500.NXT

With the SL 2000-2500.NXT-series Flexo Wash presents a new generation of cleaning machines.

All units are produced with the .NXT features which means easier handling, improved technology, focus on less liquid consumption and sustainable solutions.

The .NXT sleeve washing series can wash one sleeve per cleaning cycle. 


SL 6V 

The SL 6V is designed to wash all types of inks with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids.

SL 6V is for cleaning of up to 6 sleeves simultaneously.

The sleeves are loaded vertically.

Customer feedback:

I can only imagine how many man hours could be saved by going from manual washing to the Sleeve Washer from Flexo Wash.

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