Choosing the right solutions

At Flexo Wash we offer the total cleaning solution where liquids play a very significant role to ensure the best possible cleaning results. Through many years we have developed and improved all types of cleaning liquids to clean all types of inks. Automatic equipment are only as good as the liquid - which is why we do not compromise with the quality, durability and sustainability of our cleaning liquids. 

Liquid støvsuger

Why Flexo Wash liquids?

The Flexo Wash cleaning systems are built to clean with sustainable cleaning solutions and to consume as little of the solution as possible. In all our machines the liquid is always filtrated and recirculated to be reused.


The Flexo Wash solutions are of high durability and formulated for easy handling, trouble-free operation, and long service intervals. This makes sustainable cleaning liquids an affordable alternative to solvents, thus providing a safer cleaning of press parts and a cleaner environment.


The working environment as well as the environment around us have always been important to Flexo Wash. We strive to ensure high quality and long lifetime for your aniloxes, print plates and other press parts when using our machines and/or liquid.


Liquid for all needs

Flexo Wash offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for different ink types and applications - below you will the different product groups we support with both liquids for automatic and manual cleaning. 

Cleaning liquids for:

Anilox cleaning

Parts washing

Plate washing

If in doubt which solution is the best for your need, inks and/or machines, Flexo Wash can help you with guidance to ensure you the best match.

Fill in the contact form below - we can support you with test washing, assesments and guidance according to your specific needs.


Let us find the right solution for you:

Need an assesment?

Our chemical expert team are ready to guide you to the right liquids for you based on your specific combination of inks or other special varnishes. We can develop a test report which specifies different cleaning results from our test lab using different liquids to clean your inks.

Contact us to learn more about test washing and analysis - fill in the contact form below.

Sustainable cleaning

Flexo Wash continues to develop cleaning solutions with the focus on minimizing the environmental impact and you will find both low VOC and VOC-free cleaning solutions in the Flexo Wash product portfolio as well as food packaging compliant solutions certified by ISEGA.
Furthermore Flexo Wash also offers cleaning solutions with a low COD (chemical oxygen demand), which reduces the oxygen demand in the waste water.

Let us guide you!

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