Cookies & Privacy policy

Flexo Wash takes data protection very seriously and, with this Cookies & Privacy Policy, we aim to provide information about which data we need to collect, how we use it, and what to do if you want to correct or change the data collected. We care about your privacy and the protection of your private data, and we comply with the strictest legal provisions on data protection. We firmly believe that data protection begins with transparency, and it is important to us that you always know what personal data we store, how we use it, and how to restrict or prevent the use of your data.

1. What is Personal Data?
Personal Data is any information with which one can, directly or indirectly, identify a physical person. This includes information such as your (real) name, your address or other postal address, as well as your email address and telephone number. Information that does not make it possible to determine your identity falls outside this category. Such information can be, for example: all entries without any association to your name, for example, gender, age, or education.

2. Use and disclosure of personal data
Flexo Wash undertakes to protect your privacy and only uses your personal information internally. This includes your information, form submissions and browser history. The information is only passed on to other companies when essential for the completion of the agreements you have entered with us or in conjunction with other strictly monitored agreements or services. In addition, your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties unless you expressly consent to this, or if we are legally required to disclose the information, for example, in connection with claims from the court or authorities.

3. Contact
When contacting us (e.g., via the website contact form or email), we will save the personal information entered, to allow us to deal with the request and in case of follow-up questions, until the query is considered complete.

4. Newsletter
With our newsletter, we will inform you about news and info. If you wish to receive the newsletter, we need a valid email address, as well as information that allows us to verify that you are the owner of the specified email address and you agree to receive the newsletter. This data is used solely for sending the newsletter and is not disclosed to third parties. If you have signed up for the newsletter from Flexo Wash, the information you supply will be used to send you the newsletter. Your information is not disclosed to third parties, with the sole exception of our partner companies that are responsible for the technical completion of the emailing process. In such cases, the amount of data transmitted is limited to an absolute minimum. Our personal data policy is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which supersedes the Act on Processing of Personal Data. When you sign up for our newsletter, we will save your IP address and date of registration. This information serves only as evidence if a third party abuses an email address and signs up for the newsletter without the correct proprietorial use of it. You may at any time revoke your permission for us to store your data and your email address, as well as the use of the latter to send you the newsletter. You can revoke your permission via a link in the newsletter itself or by notice to the contact options listed in item 7.

5. Data collection using Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service from Google LLC and its affiliates. Google Analytics uses cookies. For more information, please contact Google directly at, according to data protection guidelines and information from Google, these are text files that are stored on your computer, thereby making it possible to analyze your use of a given website. For example, collecting information about your operating system, your browser, your IP address, referrer URL and the date and time of your visit to our website. The information about the use of our website collected by this text file will be transferred and saved to a Google server in the United States. Google uses this information to analyze your use of our website, to make reports of website activity for us, as site owners, as well as to provide additional services related to the use of the website and the internet. If required to do so by law, or if a third party processes this data at Google's request, Google passes this information to the third party. The application is anonymous and by means of pseudonyms. Google use DoubleClick cookies to personalize advertising. As a user, you can read more about Google's personal data policy and, for example, disable the use of DoubleClick cookies. You can find out more here In that case, no personal user data is stored, only the IP address. This information is intended to recognize you automatically when you visit the page again, making it easier for you to navigate the page. Cookies, for example, allow you to customize a given website to your specific interests, or to save your password so that you do not have to enter it every time. You can also visit our pages without cookies. If you do not want us to recognize your computer on your next visit, you can prevent your hard drive from saving cookies. To do this, disable cookies in your browser settings. For more information about this feature, please follow the instructions of your browser provider. If you do not accept cookies, this may result in restricted features in relation to our online offers and services. You can prevent the future installation of cookies from the settings in your browser. For details, refer to the user guide of your internet browser.

6. Collection and storage of user data
To optimize our website, we collect and store various data, for example. the date and time of your visit to our website, which website led you to our website or similar. This information is collected anonymously without it being possible to personally identify the user of the page, such as user profiles that are created using pseudonyms. Also in this case, there is no connection between the person behind the pseudonym and the user data collected. We use cookies for collecting and storing user data. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and are used to collect statistical information such as operating system, browser, IP address, recently visited websites and time. We collect this data solely for statistical reasons and to optimize our website and make our online profile even more attractive. The collection and storage are anonymous and in pseudonymized form only. Therefore, it is not possible to identify any individual based on this information.

7. Information, right of objection, questions
You can, at any time, request immediate insight into the information stored under your name or username. This is free. We reserve the right to provide this information electronically. In addition, you have the right to object to the continued use of your personal data at any time. The prior or deleted information will not be retained by us. In the event of a request for insight into the stored information or for the use of the right to object, please provide sufficient information to identify yourself and establish your specific information. In this case, or if you have further questions regarding our data protection, please contact us by email:

or by letter:

Data Protection Officer, Flexo Wash, Grenaavej 631K, 8541 Skoedstrup, Denmark. Telephone +45 8699 3631.

8. Subject to change
We reserve the right to change this Cookies & Privacy Policy from time to time, subject to applicable regulations. We will not reduce your rights under this Cookies & Privacy Policy without your explicit consent.

9. Cookies
Cookies are text files containing information that allows us to identify returning users. This only applies to users visiting our internet pages. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive. They do not damage the hard drive. The cookies used on our web pages do not contain any personal information about you. Cookies relieve you of the need to enter your data multiple times and they make it easier for you to view certain content. They also help us identify particularly popular areas of our web profile. This makes us able to match the content of our internet pages exactly to your wishes. If you wish, you can always disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. Use your internet browsers help feature to find out how to change these settings. Check our cookie policy here: