Stay ahead of clean cylinder!

The demand for clean cylinders and time saving solutions is a constant battle for the gravure industry. The need to clean cylinders effectively and correctly is essential to survive in our competitive world. It is critically important to optimize your operation flows and internal logistics to ensure high quality print with minimal downtime. If you want to excel, you need to have the right procedures and equipment in place.


Proper cleaning is vital for your business 

Properly cleaned cylinders give you the best print quality and a constant output with no downtime on your press due to unclean cylinders. This means you will get an even higher output on your press.

How many cylinders per day?

For 30 years Flexo Wash has provided leading cleaning solutions to the gravure industry. Our large equipment range reflects the flexibility needed in the industry.

We provide two categories cylinders cleaners:

  • Single/double cylinder cleaning:
    For cleaning of less than 60 cylinders per day

  • Multiple cylinder cleaning:
    For cleaning of more than 60 cylinders per day

Learn more about our different cleaning systems here:


How to clean gravure cylinders ?

There are three different ways of cleaning your gravure cylinders:

  • Manual cleaning with solvents
  • Automated cleaning with solvents
  • Automated cleaning with non-solvents

Flexo Wash offers an ATEX approved cleaning solution with our Gravure Cylinder Cleaning unit - but did you know that our non-solvent solutions clean the cylinders with the same high-quality cleaning results? 

With both our FW Gravure-series our Multi Cylinder Cleaning unit, you can improve your working environment by using non-solvent liquids for cleaning.

Do you want to learn more?

Learn about the differences, pros, and cons of each system and how you choose the right solution for you. Download the guide "Manual or automated gravure cylinder cleaning" to learn even more!


13. January 2023 Are your cylinders clean enough?

Imagine being able to shave 5 to 10 minutes off every job in your printing process. It may seem...

Written by Lasse Barbier Søndergaard

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