Imagine being able to shave 5 to 10 minutes off every job in your printing process. It may seem like a small amount of time, but when you add it up over the course of a day, a week, or even a month, it can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Not to mention the added benefits of increased productivity and reduced downtime. So why not invest in a solution that can help you achieve these goals?

Our Multi Cylinder Cleaning (MCC) solutions have already helped many of our customers save valuable time and money, and it's never too late to join them.

Many of our MCC customers who have already invested in one of our machines are now asking themselves the question, "Why didn't we invest before?"

If you find yourself repeatedly washing the same cylinder as part of your standard troubleshooting routine, it's a clear sign that you could benefit greatly from one of our Multi Cylinder Cleaning systems.

Despite a higher initial investment, our systems have a payback period of less than two years, often even less than one year on a solution that can clean up to 200-400 cylinders per day.

Watch our Sales Director Svend Brix explain more about the consequences of insufficient cleaning of gravure cylinders in this video below:


We hope you will find the video inspiring, and remember you are always welcome to contact  Svend Brix by sending him an e-mail here - or contacting us through our contact form you will find here.