• 100 % fully automatically cleaning process
  • Time saving and gentle to the cylinders
  • Made for cleaning of one or two gravure cylinders
  • The machine is EEX-proof according to the ATEX standard

The solvent cleaning system of gravure cylinders leaves the cylinders clean and ready for immediate reuse or storage without causing any damage to your expensive cylinders.


Consistent and high-quality print is only achieved if the cylinders are completely clean

The washing process is fully automatic from start to finish. The main pump circulates the washing solvent from the tank, through the filter to the washing area. The nozzles are placed on a fixed nozzle arm that clean the whole surface of the rotating cylinder. Afterwards the cylinder is rinsed with rinse solvent.

The washing process takes approx. 10-20 minutes depending on the quantity and type of ink residue on your cylinders.

The Gravure Cylinder Cleaner 2300 ATEX can be equipped with end face brushes that can clean the end of the cylinder thoroughly where ink often builds up during usage. The brushes slowly oscillate to remove the ink that has been dissolved and softened by the cleaning solvents.

The GCC 2300 ATEX comes in two variants, and the system is effective for all types of rotogravure cylinders:

  • GCC 2300-1 ATEX for cleaning 1 cylinder per wash cycle.
  • GCC 2300-2 ATEX for cleaning 2 cylinders per wash cycle.

ATEX certifications & requirements

When cleaning with solvent special precautions must be taken to secure a safe work environment in the area. Flexo Wash takes these precautions very serious by delivering washing equipment according to the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


At Flexo Wash we collaborate with notified bodies for approval of the equipment, ensuring that each unit is safe, EEX-proof according to the ATEX standard, and certified by ExVeritas.

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