When deciding to implement an ATEX room, it's important to carefully consider key factors that ensure the room's safety and effectiveness in containing potentially explosive environments. Some of these considerations are:

Budget: Constructing and maintaining an ATEX room can be expensive, as it involves specialized construction materials, ATEX ventilation systems, and safety equipment to ensure the containment of explosive atmospheres.

Maintenance: ATEX rooms require regular maintenance to ensure that all safety measures, including ATEX-rated components, are functioning properly, which can add to the overall operational costs.

Space limitations: Building an ATEX room within a facility can require significant space, potentially limiting the available area for other operations or processes.

Understanding these crucial factors provides comprehensive insights into the implications of implementing an ATEX room, facilitating informed and strategic planning for the establishment and maintenance of a safe and efficient working environment within the facility. If you are looking for ATEX-rated size reduction machines, we can provide you with options that meet the necessary requirements. You can read more about our parts washer to look for other alternatives that comply with ATEX requirements.

After considering the above, we provide an inclusive 8-step guide to help you comprehend the fundamental requirements for setting up an ATEX room. Establishing an ATEX room involves considering various key factors, such as ATEX ventilation and ATEX-rated size reduction machines, to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment within the designated area. Contact us if you need any assistance with your ATEX room project or read this blog - what is an ATEX zone?


We provide worldwide service

Building an ATEX room is simple. The rules and regulations are very clear. However, at Flexo Wash we are always ready to provide you with service anywhere in the world, both on-site and virtually. Whatever suits your needs.

If an ATEX solution is the one for you, we will of course also provide you with the information you need to complete the room in time for your new machine to arrive at your production facilities.