Cleaning multiple cylinders at once

The demand for clean cylinders and automated time saving solutions is a constant battle for the print industry. With the MCC system it has never been easier. Using a non-solvent system, the Multi Cylinder Cleaner cleans and rinses cylinders, representing a more economical yet sustainable cleaning solution.


Multi cylinder cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning & easy handling

The Multi Cylinder Cleaner is designed to clean a larger number of rotogravure cylinders and it is built after a modular concept in separate sections. This makes it possible to increase the cleaning capacity over time, by simply adding for example an extra washing or rinsing module station.

The cleaning unit cleans by using eco-friendly cleaning liquid, afterwards rinsing the cylinders with water at high pressure and finally an air stream removes excess water.

The cylinders can be transported from the printing machine on a special designed trolley with a cylinder carriage. The carriage is loaded from the trolley into the loading station and automatically transported through the cleaning process.

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Your needs - your own configuration

Due to the modular construction of the MCC, the system can be configured according to your needs. This gives you the possibility to create the configuration best fitting your specific needs. Below you will find three examples of different configurations for illustratory purposes only - your induvidual configuration depends on cleaning volume, handling and level of automatisation.

To reduce your consumption of non-solvent liquids connect the MCC unit with our Sedimentation tank.


1 washing station, 1 rinse and drying station.




2 washing stations, 1 rinse and drying station.



MCC 2-STAGE WR with extra buffer sections

1 washing station, 1 rinse and drying sections & 2 extra buffer sections (more buffer space for handling).


How does it work?

The Multi Cylinder Cleaner works with environmentally friendly cleaning liquid, which is specially made for cleaning of cylinders used with all types of ink.
The water from the high-pressure rinse is automatically led directly to the drain, to a tank for re-use. 


The cylinders are placed on the trolley at the printing machine and driven to the washing unit.

The trolley is then loaded to the loading station.

When the start button is pressed, the cylinders are automatically loaded into the machine by the automatic conveyer system and the doors close to separate the outside environment from the washing area.

WASHING Each washing station has capacity for 2 cylinders and consists of pump, filter, brushes and tanks depending on the function and configuration.

While the washing of the first cylinders is taking place, additional cylinders can be loaded onto the machine’s loading station.

After a pre-set period, the first washing stage of the first cylinders is finished and they are automatically conveyed to the rinse stage of the cleaning process.

The cylinders are rinsed with water at a high-pressure. The high-pressure rinse nozzles move along the cylinders during the rinse.

Each cylinder trolley is moved through the washing stages and the process continues until the loading station is empty and all cylinders have been conveyed automatically to the unloading station on the machine.


When the cleaning cycle has ended the cylinders are automatically transported to the unloading station by the conveyer system.



Take your handling to the next level!

Combining the MCC with a logistic system creates a loop system making it possible to load a full job of 12 or more cylinders, thus ensuring a continous flow of cylinders through the cleaning process. 


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Customer feedback:

We didn’t realise there was such a great alternative available! Our people really matter and providing the best possible working conditions certainly improves this - since installing the Multi Cylinder Cleaner, we’ve measured less solvent in the working environment.

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