At Flexo Wash our liquids department CleanSolutions strive to develop cleaning solutions with focus on minimizing the environmental and health impact. Therefore, you will find different solutions which are certified by ISEGA and is food packaging compliant.

ISEGA is an independent testing and certification institute from Germany for products in contact with food. Through this institute, our solutions are tested and get certified to be used in the food packaging industry and others. Thus, our products can safely be used for cleaning cylinders, aniloxes, plates, parts, etc. which are used in the printing industry for food packaging.

ISEGA has more than 30 years of experience with the capability for analytical work in the fields of chemical and physical analytical work, microbiology, ecology, examination, and certification of products.

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At Flexo Wash our CleanSolutions expert team is ready to advice you about what liquid is best for your business based on your specific combination of inks, varnishes etc. We can develop a test report for you, which specifies different cleaning results from our test lab using the different liquids that we provide to clean your inks.

Our liquids are developed and improved to clean all types of ink including:

  • UV based inks
  • Solvent based inks
  • Water based inks
  • 2K inks
  • Low migration inks
  • Varnishes

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