In today's world, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of global discussions. One aspect of this sustainability is addressing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and their impact on our workspaces. This is where Best Available Techniques (BAT) compliance and low-VOC solutions come into play.

Understanding VOCs
VOCs are organic chemicals that easily vaporize into the air. They are often used as solvents in various products, including inks and cleaning products. While these products are essential in many industries, cleaning is an area where you can focus and lower your VOC emissions. 

The European Union (EU) recognizes the significance of VOC emissions and has implemented regulations to address them. These regulations are part of the EU's broader efforts to reduce air pollution, protect human health, and preserve the environment. The EU's VOC limit currently stands at 100 milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m³). However, change is on the horizon. New legislation, set to take effect in 2024, will make solvent emissions even stricter, lowering the VOC limits to a mere 25 mg/m³. 

The Role of BAT Compliance
Best Available Techniques (BAT) play a pivotal role in achieving these stricter VOC limits. BAT represents the most effective and advanced methods, practices, and technologies available for minimizing environmental impacts. It's about adopting the best strategies to reduce pollution, preserve resources, and enhance environmental performance.

Introducing Low-VOC Solutions
This is where Flexo Wash comes into the picture. Flexo Wash is committed to helping your business lower the VOC emissions in cleaning products. We have a range of lower VOC liquids designed to excel in performance while contributing to healthier and more sustainable workspaces.

Why Choose Low-VOC Liquids from Flexo Wash?

  • Compliance with upcoming EU-BAT regulations.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Effective cleaning performance.
  • Commitment to your well-being

A more sustainable future
A more sustainable future can involve using lower-VOC or VOC-free cleaning liquids, automated cleaning systems, and emission control equipment. Companies are also encouraged to explore alternatives to high-VOC cleaning products whenever possible.

Flexo Wash is ready to guide you on this journey towards a cleaner future, by adopting lower-VOC solutions and embracing BAT compliance.