The Flexo Wash system is based on liquid and high-pressure water. Therefore, the system is effective for all types of aniloxes. The quick and gentle cleaning process cleans the aniloxes completely, and they are ready for immediate use after just 10-20 minutes without causing any wear or tear.

It makes it possible to always keep your aniloxes clean ensuring a high and consistent print quality and a long lifetime.

How to take care of your aniloxes

  • Clean your anilox after each job
  • Always have a regular maintenance schedule
  • Clean the anilox immediately after production and before storage
  • Keep your new aniloxes clean from day one


The .NXT generation of Flexo Wash Anilox cleaners

Flexo Wash presents a new generation of anilox cleaning machines. All units are produced with the .NXT features, which means they come with easier handling, improved technology and focus on less liquid consumption and sustainable solutions.

New features include:

  • Easy and improved pull-out tank
  • Improved lid design
  • Better and faster draining
  • Automatic liquid filling & emptying
  • Liquid level indicator
  • Inclination of tub for less liquid carry-over
  • Easy adjustment
  • Automatic lid opening

The Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaners comes in many different models, and they can be modified by combining the standard unit with one or more of the custom models. We are leading experts in anilox cleaning for 30 years and our large portfolio of units and options reflects the flexibility needed to meet all needs of the flexographic industry.