Solvents are effective but can also be destructive. At Flexo Wash we are specialized in liquids for cleaning through our brand CleanSolutions. Below you will find 3 reasons, why not to use solvent while cleaning your plates.

  1. Solvents are tough on your plates, and will make the material hard, inflexible, and porous. Thereby, significantly shortening your plates lifespan.

  2. If you use solvents, they can be bad for your production having a negative influence on your employee’s health, safety, and work environment (HSE), and in the end creating bottlenecks and downtime.

  3. When you are cleaning with solvents, often it is not mentioned that after cleaning you must sprinkle your plates with a powder to avoid them sticking together and getting ruined while stored. This creates an extra workflow and you are wasting valuable time.

Switch to non-flammable liquids and prolong the lifetime of your plates

When you use non-flammable liquids you will have plates that last longer. You save money on both new plates, but more importantly you will experience less downtime on your printing machine and better print quality - they do not become difficult to handle.

Another reason to switch to non-flammable liquids is that there are no solvents in the air, and you get a safer work environment. Also, when cleaning a plate with non-flammable liquid you avoid the extra workflow because powder is unnecessary. The plates are ready for storage or use immediately after cleaning and drying.

Get a solution that fits your needs

Depending on which machine you use we will guide you to the right liquid for your specific needs with CleanSolutions. Each ink type or combination of several inks require different specialized cleaning liquid. We always recommend you contact our expert team for an in-depth evaluation of your specific needs.

We do also carry various liquids for manual cleaning if this is your preference or you need to clean plates in between jobs. Manual cleaning does not come without risk, which is why we recommend an automated solution to everyone and use manual cleaning as a supplement.

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