The unique cleaning technology combines the use of cleaning liquid, brushes, high-pressure water, and compressed air to ensure a gentle, and efficient cleaning of the sleeve. The Sleeve Washers will clean all types of rubber sleeves, laser-engraved print sleeves, plates mounted on sleeves.

The sleeve cleaning process

The entire process is fully automatic. The operator puts the sleeves into the machine and press the start button. Then the automatic three step process starts:

  • Washing
  • Rinsing
  • Drying


This unique combination of the Flexo Wash CleanSolutions cleaning liquid and soft brushes ensures an effective cleaning without any risk of damaging the plate or sleeve. The sleeve is rotating during the entire process thus ensuring an even and thorough cleaning. After wash, the liquid is drained back to the tank through a filter for reuse. This is great both for the environment and for your business.


Thereafter, the sleeves are after rinsed with high-pressure water safely until all the cleaning liquids is removed.


Finally, the water is removed from the sleeves by compressed air. The sleeves rotate during the entire process, which only takes about 10 minutes. Afterwards the sleeves are clean and dry and can be stored or put into production immediately.

Get a customized sleeve cleaner

All Flexo Wash sleeve washers are adjustable, which makes it possible to wash sleeves of various lengths. However, only one size per wash. The rubber coated cones make it possible to wash various sleeve diameters in the same unit though. The rubber cones also ensure that liquid does not enter the inside of the sleeves, which can be very damaging.

All units are designed to clean all types of print sleeves and all types of inks. The eco-friendly cleaning liquids from Flexo Wash CleanSolutions are specially developed to efficiently remove the different types of inks from the sleeves in only a few minutes.

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