The fully automatic washing units are designed for easy handling of press parts. It is possible to wash doctor blade chambers, ink trays, ink sumps and other removable press parts used with all types of inks, varnishes etc. The units can be equipped with a trolley, which makes the handling even easier.

“Large part washing units like top loads, easy loads, and the front load are machines, which are expensive. We think that when a customer is making an investment in one of these machines, they should have the possibility to modify or customize the machine to fit their exact needs” Says our project engineer, Philip Sidelmann, who elaborates on why we do custom build parts washing units.

Why do we custom build?

The parts washers from Flexo Wash have a wash & rinse system with two separate tanks, which offers an automatic two-stage cleaning process, where the first stage is for cleaning and the second stage is for rinsing.


Almost everything on our units can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs, Philip Sidelmann explains:

“The customization is composed of both options and features like for instance extra filter houses, larger pumps, special nozzles in different materials are made to fit the customer parts exactly. When a customer has special parts for the printing machine, we will make the machine for these parts so they will end up having a machine, which will provide them with a satisfying cleaning result.”

The parts are cleaned by various high-pressure nozzles, spraying cleaning and rinse liquid from below and above. They are made with a moving nozzle arm, which ensures a more dynamic liquid flow, a higher pressure and thus an improved wash result.

Our customers get a unique parts washing unit, which will fit their parts and flow as good as possible to ensure the best cleaning result possible, as well as user experience.

Innovation is key to your success

At Flexo Wash we have more than 30 years of experience in creating the leading cleaning solutions. The key through all those years has been innovation and it still is, there is no problem or wish from customers we will not try to accommodate – not everything turns out to be possible, but a lot is.

“The advantages of customizing a large parts washer are many, but we are taking the customer needs into consideration and tailoring the washing unit exactly to the customer needs it could, rotating nozzle, maintenance, such as tank flush or washing pressure.” Says Philip Sidelmann and continues

This will be made to fit the customer parts and giving them the best cleaning result. These are just a selection of advantages, which previous customers have experienced. Other customers might experience other advantages, but they will definitely get a machine that will fit their parts.”  

Every unit we make at Flexo Wash is unique and that in it selves is an advantage. Our production is still effective, and we will continue to have a product which offers every customer a unique cleaning solution that fits their needs.

What is the best way to clean press parts?

Automated cleaning of press parts is the smart way to make sure you have consistent high output from your printing machine and the highest possible printing quality. It does not matter whether you clean with solvents, non-flammable liquids or alkaline liquids you get the same high results every time.

All methods give a good cleaning results and will reduce your downtime and ease the handling of parts cleaning. But which method is the best for you and your needs?

Download our guide ‘The Best Way To Clean Parts and find out which method is for you – Click here.

We are always ready to help and guide you to the right solution for your needs.