Low migrations inks are designed for use on food packaging that is formulated using selected components, which should ensure that migration from the printing ink film will be within accepted migration limits. It means the low migration inks are specifically designed to not end up inside the food packaging or the food itself.

To qualify as low migration packaging, materials contained in the packaging structure, including printing inks, coatings, and adhesives, cannot have any migratory chemicals, which would affect the appearance, flavor, odor, taste, or the safety of the product contained within the packaging.

How to clean low migration inks?

When you have inks specialized not to migrate form the packaging, how do you clean it from your press parts, aniloxes, cylinders, sleeves, screens etc.? – and can it be done without causing damage to the environment. The short answer is yes!

At Flexo Wash we are specialized in cleaning all types of inks and therefore also low migration inks. Cleaning low migrations inks are easy – when you have the right solution for your type of ink.

At Flexo Wash our liquids department CleanSolutions strive to develop cleaning liquids with focus on minimizing the environmental and health impact. Therefore, you will find different solutions which are certified by ISEGA and is food packaging compliant.

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