The Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Cleaners are all safe, effective, and has a low impact on the environment, while at the same proven to efficiently and thoroughly clean your anilox rolls.

Improved technology now makes it possible for the new LaserX to perform efficient cleaning with the high degree of safety that the Flexo Wash laser cleaning machines are known for but with double the speed.

The LaserX cleaning machine is the optimal choice for converters who wants to invest in the newest laser technology from Flexo Wash for reduced cleaning time and still be guaranteed that your delicate aniloxes doesn’t get damaged during cleaning.

Flexo Wash LaserX Anilox Cleaners guarantee:

  • High degree of safety
  • Cleaning in half the time
  • Even more advanced laser technology

All the Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Cleaners are available in the LaserX option. Flexo Wash offers four LaserX Anilox Cleaning models for cleaning lengths up to 3730 mm. with the largest model.

For even faster laser anilox cleaning – go LaserX2!

For customers with an even greater need for speed without compromising safety and cleaning quality, Flexo Wash is launching LaserX2, which is four times faster than the regular Anilox Laser Cleaner and twice as fast as the LaserX.

The two new models include the following machines:

  • FW 850 Laser/LaserX
  • FW 2000 Laser/LaserX/LaserX2
  • FW 3000 Laser/LaserX/LaserX2
  • FW 4000 Laser/LaserX/LaserX2