When you have installed one of our machines in your production, it is good to know how to change the washing
recipe so that you can adapt it to your needs. 

This guide goes for the following machines:

  • FW Handy-series
  • FW 992-993XL.NXT
  • FW 2000-2500M.NXT
  • SL .NXT-series
  • PW 45-130
  • PK ECO/TL/TR-series
  • PK EasyLoad

It is easy to change the recipe item on our machines, but to make it even more clear, we have made a video on the subject, where our skilled Software Engineer; Martin Bo Augustinus, will guide you through how you can set and set up different recipes so that it is easy to start a wash. You can advantageously preset up to ten different recipes. Then it is always easy to choose exactly the sink that is needed to solve a given task.     
The video guide can be used for the machines mentioned above.

You can see the video, where Martin will cover how to change the recipe item here:


We hope that you will find the video helpful and that you will have the best possible experience with the installation of our machines. 

Remember you can always contact our service department if furt
questions arise.