First, you need to make sure your unit is perfectly level on all angles – remember to always use appropriate equipment. Then you connect the unit to air pressure and check the air pressure. Then you handle the liquid filling process and lastly, you connect the unit to electricity.

You can always find all the information and an installation guide in the manual. The video below is a supplement and a walkthrough of the installation as well.

This guide is valid for any FW Anilox cleaner model.


Do you have liquids for your FW anilox cleaner?

We are experts in ensuring you the best possible cleaning result with a combination of advanced cleaning equipment and cleaning liquids. To maintain high productivity and consistent print quality, you need to remove all build-up ink in the cells to restore the cell volume completely.

For this purpose, Flexo Wash has developed a series of cleaning solutions for different applications. As every solution is suitable for removing all ink types, your method of cleaning determines, which solution is the best match for you and your company.

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