Our fully automatic parts washing units are designed for easy handling of press parts. You can wash doctor blade chambers, ink trays, ink sumps and other removable press parts used with all types of inks, varnishes etc. and for even easier handling our units are equipped with trolleys.

No matter what press parts you have or what requirements you have. We always custom build the unit for your specific needs because we want to provide you with the best cleaning solution:

“We think that when a customer is making an investment in one of our automatic parts washers, they should have the possibility to modify or customize the machine to fit their exact needs” says our Technical Manager, Flemming Kirkeby.


The faults of the basket method

When it comes to parts washing solutions most companies offer a basket solution in their parts washing units. This method has been part of the printing industry for more than 40 years without much change, but is it an efficient cleaning solution?

Normally a unit with a basket solution have a large pump with a lot of power and is filled with nozzles. It means that it can spray a lot of solvent with a lot of power onto the parts, however even a high kW pump and several hundreds of nozzles cannot clean inks that is covered by other parts lying across or on top of each other.

If you are not careful in laying out your parts in the cleaning machine you may end up having to clean twice due to the liquid and the high-pressure nozzles not being able to reach all spots in the basket method.

You may end up with a solution that it is costing you more money, because it not only consumes much higher amount of solvent, but it also presents inconsistent cleaning and a power consumption that can be double or triple to that of the machine with a custom build layout with moving nozzles.

Why a custom build cabinet is the way

A custom build washroom for your parts washing unit provides you with many advantages and little concern. We design the washroom layout, so it matches your specific needs and number of printing parts, so you get a consistent cleaning result.

Look at your average dishwasher for a regular home. Years of engineering and development has been used to optimize the dishwasher to get the best and most energy efficient cleaning for you every day utensils, plates, and glasses. Everything has a specific spot for easy handling and perfect cleaning.

With a specifically designed washing cabinet you avoid the need to clean your parts a second time to get them completely cleaned because your parts will be hit from all angles every single time with no exception. You just place your parts in their designated spot, and you begin the cleaning cycle.

Equally important with a custom build solution the parts washer unit requires a smaller pump and less nozzles because the nozzles move more targeted to the area that needs washing. In the end you save significant power as well as cleaning liquids.

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Wash more parts efficient

If you are looking for a parts washing solution we have many different options you can choose from. Contact us and together we will map your specific needs, so you get the best possible cleaning of your parts.

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