Looking to save money and reduce water usage in your printing operations? This system reuses rinse water, monitored by smart sensors, ensuring a separate, efficient process flow that minimizes water consumption and maximizes savings. 

The FW Recirculation unit is designed for reuse of the rinse water in a closed-loop system. The system is controlled by several sensors constantly measuring the pH and liquid levels. The process runs independently of the washing unit.

The process of the Recirculation unit will ensure that the rinse water can be reused in the FW cleaning unit, reducing the amount of wastewater to a minimum. In this way, you will maintain a high-quality cleaning.

Recirculation benefits

  • Secures high-quality cleaning with reused water
  • Reuses rinse water and reduce water consumption significantly
  • Fully automatic and environmentally friendly

How does it work?

  1. The rinse water runs from the Anilox Cleaner to the mixing tank where the pH level is automatically adjusted by adding droplets of phosphor acid.
    The pH regulation is preset to pH 7.2. and is corrected to continuously create the best environment.
  2. A small amount of silicon-free antifoam is added automatically. This ensures good rinsing and drying of the anilox when the water is reused.
  3. The pH-neutral water is passed through three high-performance filters, removing almost all solids and dried ink that has been removed from the anilox during the washing and rinsing process.
  4. The treated water is pumped to a holding tank of 180 liters ready for reuse.


The recirculation unit can be used with a wide range of Flexo Wash cleaning machines. The process and the benefits are the same for every machine.

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