Automated cleaning of plates is a simple and cost-efficient solution to a big problem for many printers. Cleaning plates properly and in a gentle and safe way is essential. Without a clean plate you will not get proper print quality and with a broken plate due to poor cleaning you risk costly do-over jobs.

The fully automatic plate washers from Flexo Wash are designed to wash flexographic polymer plates and letterpress plates very gently, leaving them 100% clean and dry, ready for immediate reuse or storage.


Our automatic plate washers come in several different models, which each can be modified by combining the standard unit with one of the many options. Our range of models cover plate widths from 45 cm up to 180 cm and can be placed right next to your printing machine if you choose to add a closed loop system.

Maintenance is very simple, and if you have any questions, we provide worldwide service both on-site and virtually.


Your benefits

There are benefits of automated cleaning are quite clear. Whether you choose automated cleaning of your plates is dependent on what your specific needs are. At Flexo Wash we are experts in creating the best cleaning solutions and we provide you with honest information, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Effective and constant cleaning flow

With an automated cleaning unit, you get an effective and constant cleaning flow for you plates. They are cleaned immediately without damage and are ready for a new print job or storage.

Limited manpower needed

An automated cleaning unit can be handled and maintained by one person. The system is very intuitive so anyone in your company could do the cleaning, so you don’t have to wait for a specific person to be available or on the job.

Efficient cleaning of all types of inks

Our automated cleaning system cleans all types of ink. However, if you have a special combination or want to be sure. You are always welcome to contact us, and we will do a test cleaning to make sure our cleaning machine can handle your work.

Ensures high-quality cleaning of all plate’s surfaces

No matter the surface on your plate our automated cleaning solution can clean it. Our units hit every inch of your plate 53 times during a cleaning – way more than what is possible with manual cleaning. In addition, the unit apply even pressure all over, which ensures a clean and not damaged plate.

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How do you get started?

If you want to get started. The first step is to contact Flexo Wash where we will have a non-binding conversation about your cleaning. After that we almost always recommend moving forward with an ROI (return on investment) to calculate what your business can gain from an automated cleaning system.

If you want to know more about how an automated cleaning system can help your printing business, then download our guide “Manual or Automated plate cleaning” – click here.

If you want to get in contact – click here!