The Trolley Wash machine from Flexo Wash is controlled by a PLC unit. You easily can modify the different parameters, such as wash time, drain time, and stabilization time. And with the PK Trolley Wash machine you will get highly intensive cleaning by moving and rotating nozzles from four sides of you press parts.

It is easy to move the printing trolley station directly from the printing press to the parts washer. The printing trolley station is easily slid onto the grid and into the PK Trolley Wash, thus reducing handling to a minimum.

Technical Manager, Flemming Kirkeby tells the story: “The new PK 350 XXL Trolley Wash is the biggest machine of its kind we have built so far, this can fit three complete printing station trolleys. It is so big you can place a small car in there. This machine will, for ease of access, be lowered into the ground. And when you load it, you will use the ramps in front of the machine that goes up and down manually. After loading, you remove the ramp, and the lid will close.”


Easy handling – your very own drive-thru wash (not literally, but almost)

At Flexo Wash we supply parts washing equipment in all sizes for all segments of the flexographic and gravure industry - and we have done so for more than 30 years. Therefore, the Trolley Wash is easy to handle and easy to control. We know what works and what doesn’t work, because our equipment is tested to work.

“You can drive your trolleys into the machine with the pumps and everything on them. After you put them in the washing area, you will place a stop block, so the trolleys won't move during cleaning. You can also connect your ink pumps to the hose flushes, so they will be cleaned inside also.” – says Technical Manager, Flemming Kirkeby.

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