The Multi Cylinder Cleaner (MCC) cleans and rinses cylinders with a non-solvent system, representing a more economical yet sustainable cleaning solution. The incredible unit uses eco-friendly cleaning liquids, and rinses the cylinders with high pressure water, and finally use hot air to remove excess water.

One man can clean hundreds of cylinders per day

It is designed to clean many rotogravure cylinders, and it is built after a modular concept. This makes it possible to increase the cleaning capacity over time, by simply adding an extra wash section or rinsing module.

A special designed trolley with a carriage transports the cylinders from the printing machine to the MCC. The carriage is loaded from the trolley on to the loading station and automatically transported through the cleaning process.

How does the MCC clean your cylinders?

The MCC has a four-stage process, but it can be modified for your needs. However, on our most common MCC-system there is an inlet section, a wash section, a rinsing section, and an outlet section.

  1. Inlet

Cylinders are placed on the trolley at the printing machine and transported to the washing unit, where they are loaded into the MCC. When you press the start button, the cylinders are automatically cleaned and guided through the unit by the conveyer system. The doors close to separate the outside environment from the washing and rinsing area.

  1. Washing

The washing station has room for 2 cylinders and consists of pump, filter, brushes, and tanks depending on what options you choose. While the MCC is washing the first cylinders, the next cylinders can be loaded on to the inlet section. After washing, the cylinders are automatically transported to the rinsing stage of the cleaning process.

  1. Rinsing

Water at a high-pressure rinse the cylinders through nozzle that move along the cylinders. Each cylinder trolley is moved through the washing stages and the process continues until the loading station is empty and all cylinders have been through the cleaning cycle.

  1. Outlet

When the cleaning cycle has ended, the cylinders are automatically transported to the unloading station by the conveyer system.

Custom build your MCC

Due to the modular construction of the MCC, the system can be configured according to your needs. This gives you the possibility to create the solution that best fit your needs. Your individual configuration depends on the cleaning volume, handling, and level of automatization.

You can also combine the MCC with a logistic system that creates a loop and makes it possible to load a full job of 12 or more cylinders, thus ensuring a continuous flow of cylinders through the cleaning process without the need for extra manpower.

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