Our anilox laser cleaner is completely safe for you. Nevertheless, you should never look at a laser directly it will damage your eyes – in our system that is not possible. At Flexo Wash we have fitted our unit with a class-4 laser, but we have put the laser inside a completely closed cabinet, which makes the laser a class-1 laser.


Furthermore, while operating the laser anilox cleaner from Flexo Wash you cannot open the lid while, the laser is cleaning, and you cannot start the laser without closing it. You get safe and easy handling for your anilox cleaning.


Dust and fumes

Laser cleans effectively and fast, but it also produces small particles and fumes, which are not healthy to breathe. In the laser cleaning unit from Flexo Wash an effective filter system sucks up all the dust and fumes and as a result, there is no waste – just remember to change the filter occasionally.

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