The demand for clean cylinders and time saving solutions is a constant battle for the roto-gravure industry. With the Multi Cylinder Cleaner (MCC) it has never been easier to clean cylinders. Adding the Logistic System gives you an even easier and fully automatic handling of your daily cylinder cleaning.


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Take your handling to the next level

The fully automatic and quick washing process in the MCC can clean up to 8-22 cylinders per hour and up to 400 cylinders per day – depending on your configuration. With the fully automatic logistic system you will also have the possibility to load a full job of 6-10 cylinders with minimum effort and it therefore ensures a constant cylinder flow through the cleaning process in a continuous loop.


The dirty cylinders are placed on the frames at the side of the MCC at the storage section of the logistic system.


A frame with two cylinders is moved from the storage section to the front of the inlet section. The frame enters the inlet section.


At the means of a conveyor system the frames are moved from the inlet to the wash section (-s) and hereafter to the rinse section and the outlet.


At the outlet, another transfer car moves the frames with cleaned cylinders from the outlet section to the storage section, where they are unloaded for storage.


Your printing business needs are at the center of our attention

The MCC Logistic System is not just an improvement of your cylinder cleaning it is an improvement for your printing business. The effective cleaning system will make handling of your gravure cylinders super smooth and easy.

With an MCC your needs are always at the center, and the system is built so your printing business gets an optimal workflow that reduces downtime. Our modular concept can be configured exactly to fit your cleaning, storage, and transportation needs.

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