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Anilox Cleaning solutions

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Flexo Wash is the leading producer of anilox cleaning solutions worldwide for the label and flexographic industry for the past 30 years. Since then more than 5000 customers have decided to choose Flexo Wash's anilox cleaners as their quality tool, when they clean their delicate aniloxes. 

At Flexo Wash we are experts in both liquid and laser anilox cleaning technology. We provide you competent guidance in choosing the best solution for your specific needs. 

We can provide you both with a system based on liquid and high-pressure water. The system is effective even for high-line aniloxes. The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the aniloxes totally clean and ready for immediate use - this system is available both if you are flexo or label converter.

Laser cleaning is also an option if that is what you are looking for both for label and flexo printers. In our FW laser cleaner model it is possible to clean several narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves in ONE machine - completely safe and waste free. 



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Liquid or laser cleaning?

Flexo Wash offers two ways to clean your expensive and delicate aniloxes:

  • Cleaning with liquid & high-pressure water
  • Cleaning with laser technology

Both give a perfect cleaning result and will re­duce your downtime and expenses from prin­ting with dirty aniloxes.

But which one is best for you and your needs?

Learn about the differences, pros and cons of each system and how you choose the right solution for you in our "Liquid or Laser?" video. Download the guide to learn even more!


Anilox cleaning

Daily deep cleaning of your aniloxes

The fully automatic anilox cleaners are designed to deep clean/restore anilox rolls or sleeves of all sizes. In other words, it is also a very good tool for the daily washing and maintenance of aniloxes.
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Waste-free & sustainable cleaning

Get a waste-free, completely safe, and automatic anilox cleaner that will give you a more sustainable cleaning solution. The FW LASER Anilox Cleaners can be installed without requiring water supply, drain or safety equipment.

Manual vs. Automated anilox cleaning – Pros & Cons

You have a lot of options when it comes to equipment and methods, but the end goal should always be to optimize your printing processes, be cost efficient and heighten your printing quality.

Proper anilox cleaning is to stay ahead of the competition

You cannot look at an anilox with the naked eye and see the built-up ink in the cells and it is not practically possible to use a tool to check every cell in the whole anilox. So, for all of those reasons automated cleaning is really the only solution that ensures consistent cell volumes.

Are you looking for anilox cleaning

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At Flexo Wash we offer a complete solution for your business. We customize everything to fit your needs best. 


How to check if your anilox is clean enough?

It is not a secret anymore that the anilox is the core of the flexo printing industry. Without a clean anilox you risk bad print quality, downtime, and lost printing jobs. But is there a way to make sure your anilox is clean enough for printing every time?

Anilox Laser Cleaning:

A waste-free and sustainable solution

Laser cleaning of aniloxes is the talk of the town right now. The cutting-edge technology is in high demand and it is not a surprise, because laser cleaning is very efficient. However, there are some things you should consider before buying a system for your business.

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Anilox laser cleaning

We made laser cleaning safe for you

Laser cleaning is effective and fast, but you should be very aware of how it is handled. At Flexo Wash we have identified these risks and taken measures to make laser cleaning completely safe for you.


How to maintain your aniloxes

Are you suffering from downtime and uneven print quality? You are not alone! Many businesses face the same challenge; how to properly maintain aniloxes. If you want consistently good print quality, you need to properly clean your aniloxes and here is how to do it!

Worldwide service

Flexo Wash global service network keeps you going

When you buy a Flexo Wash unit you do not just get a machine. You become part of worldwide service network, where we offer you individually service concepts for continuously safe and reliable operation of your unit.



How to install an automated anilox cleaner

Installing an automated anilox cleaner is simple, but there are a few things you need to make sure are correct and safely set-up to ensure the best performance of your unit.

Enviromental focus

Sustainability has always been a part of the Flexo Wash way of designing our products and we are committed to ensure that our products would have a low impact on the environment.


Filtration Unit

The Filtration unit will prolong the lifetime of the liquid by filtrating ink particles from the liquid.

The unit transforms the liquid waste into solid waste in powder form thus halving the cost of removing ink waste.


Sedimentation Tank

With a Sedimentation tank you will reduce your liquid consumption by approx. 50% depending on ink saturation etc.

The system separates the liquid from the sludge waste allowing the liquid to be reused.


Recirculation Unit

The Recirculation unit ensures high-quality cleaning with reused water. By reusing the rinse water, you can reduce water consumption significantly.

The unit is fully automatic and environmentally friendly.

Anilox cleaning
CleanSolutions by Flexo Wash

Right solution for your needs

Flexo Wash has developed a series of cleaning solutions for different applications. As every solution is suitable for removing all ink types, your method of cleaning determines which solution is the best match for you and your company.
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At Flexo Wash we are always ready to give your honest guidance about what solutions that fit your needs best. We do not just provide a cleaning method, but a partnership - read all about the different advantages og liquids vs. ultrasonic cleaning right here. 

Get an ROI on an automated cleaning machine

ROI (Return on investment) is a very good tool to use when you are considering buying new equipment to your production line. Making an ROI for a printing machine is complicated. However, calculating an ROI for a cleaning machine which is a supplement and not a necessity is even more complicated.


What influence the Return on investment on automated cleaning on an anilox?

The most common saying in the printing industry is “how much does it cost?”. This is a legitimate question - you cannot not run a professional business and not know your budget, but numbers are influenced by many things. Here we will give you an overview of what you need to consider when you are crunching numbers and making an return on investment.

FW anilox cleaning
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