Choose the right cleaning method for your press parts to achieve satisfying results. This blog post will guide you through the 3 automatic cleaning solutions available and help you make an informed decision based on your business needs.

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3 types of cleaning solutions

There are 3 different ways of automatically cleaning your press parts; with solvents, alkaline liquids, or non-flammable liquids.

1. Cleaning with solvents

Using solvents to clean solvent-based inks is a common method in the printing industry. However, it's essential to understand the potential hazards associated with using solvents and take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your employees and the environment.

Solvents are flammable and can pose a fire hazard if not handled properly. They are also harmful if inhaled or ingested, so it's crucial to provide adequate ventilation and protective equipment when working with solvents. Another consideration is the space requirements for an ATEX room, which is necessary for storing and handling flammable substances.

Despite these challenges, using solvents can be a convenient and effective solution for cleaning press parts, especially if you're already using them in other areas of your printing production.


✔️ Very effective when cleaning solvent-based inks

❌ Requires space for an ATEX room 

2. Cleaning with alkaline liquids

Alkaline liquids are a popular choice for cleaning press parts because of their ability to effectively remove tough stains caused by 2K inks, adhesives, and coatings.

They are also highly effective in cleaning combinations of water and solvent-based inks, making them a versatile option for many printing businesses. One of the greatest advantages of using alkaline liquids is that they don't require special installation space like an ATEX room, which can save you time and money.

However, it's important to note that these liquids can be more challenging to handle and require more specialized equipment and procedures to ensure that they are used safely and effectively. Despite these challenges, using alkaline liquids is a very cost-effective and efficient solution for your press parts cleaning needs.


✔️ Powerful cleaner for difficult inks, adhesives etc. 

❌ Requires more specialized handling procedures 

3. Cleaning with non-flammable liquids

Non-flammable liquids are a great option for those who prioritize safety and eco-friendliness in their press parts cleaning process. They are non-corrosive and non-evaporating, which makes them more environmentally friendly when disposed of properly.

They also provide a safer solution for your employees, as they eliminate the risk of fire hazards associated with flammable solvents. Using non-flammable liquids can significantly improve your working conditions and ensure a more efficient cleaning process. Plus, they are easier to handle and require less specialized equipment and procedures than alkaline liquids.

Overall, non-flammable liquids can provide you with a safe, easy, and more eco-friendly solution for your press parts cleaning needs.


✔️ Safe, easy and eco-friendly solution 

❌ Less effective cleaning very difficult inks, adhesives etc.  

What to consider?

Still in doubt of the right way of cleaning your press parts? Download our guide “Best way to clean press parts: How do I choose which system to use?”  to find more extended info and a question guide for you to make an informed decision.

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