All cleaning methods give good cleaning results and will reduce your downtime and ease the handling of your parts cleaning. But which method is the best for you and your needs? In our guide “Best way to clean press parts: How do I choose which system to use?” you will find the questions you as a converter need to ask yourself when considering the best cleaning method for your business. Find a download link at the bottom of the blog.

Three types of cleaning
There are three different ways of automatic cleaning your press parts; with solvents, alkaline liquids, or non-flammable liquids.

Cleaning with solvents

It is a well-proven technology that is obviously very effective when it comes to cleaning solvent-based inks. If you already use solvents in your printing production or other cleaning jobs, it is a given that you continue with the same solution for ease of operation.

However, you need to take in safety and working environment when dealing with solvents. Often the requirements for an ATEX room will also be more space consuming.

Cleaning with alkaline liquids

Alkaline liquids are non-flammable liquids that are very useful when it comes to cleaning 2K inks, adhesives, coatings etc. Alkaline liquids are also very effective on combinations of water and solvent-based inks.

The units do not need special space for installation, like an ATEX room. It allows you to solve even difficult cleaning jobs without installing a more space consuming ATEX solution. However, they can still be difficult to handle.

Cleaning with nonflammable liquids

Non-flammable liquids are not the same as alkaline liquids even though they are both non-flammables. These liquids are safer and easier to handle. They are non-corrosive and non-evaporating. This makes them eco-friendly to a certain degree if disposed of correctly, which gives you a significant improvement to your working conditions.

What to consider?

How do you choose between the three types of parts cleaning? Typically, you have issues with getting your parts clean when dealing with these groups of inks:

  • Water based inks
  • Solvent based inks
  • 2K inks, adhesives, coatings etc.
  • Mix of solvent and water-based inks

In these cases, several factors come in to play when deciding which system is the right for you and your business. So, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Find out what these questions are by downloading our guide - best way to clean press parts: How do I choose which system to use?